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Depend Real Fit Incontinence Underwear for Men


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Depend Incontinence Guards for Men

Male Incontinence

The severity of urinary incontinence in men ranges from hardly noticeable mild incontinence to severe incontinence that affects every part of your life. You may experience varying degrees of urine loss, and the syndrome may change over time. For example, men with light incontinence may leak a little when they laugh or cough, while men with heavy incontinence may be experiencing continuous leakage. No two men are alike, and no two men are affected the same way.

Many men see incontinence as embarrassing. Some would rather admit to erectile dysfunction. This is a perception that needs to change.

Almost 13% of Australia’s male population suffer from some type of incontinence – that’s around 1.4 million Aussie blokes living with the effects of bladder weakness. In fact, the affliction is so common that the government has finances available for incontinence sufferers. Incontinence is generally more prevalent in women than men, however older men and women suffer from incontinence in equal numbers.

Understanding your body makes it easier to take control and get the help you need to live your life as you want. In this article we’ll start out with an overview of male incontinence and the three main variations. We will then identify some of the most common causes and treatments of male incontinence. Knowing the basics will help you understand your needs and how best to talk with your doctor or health care professional. In many cases bladder control loss can be cured. Almost all cases can be managed.

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